Translations and Publishing Work


Marcella Maier, The green silk shawl, Perfect Publishers, Cambridge 2018, ISBN 978-0-9955093-8-2
(paperback and electronic version)
Ulrich Knellwolf, Death in Sils Maria, Perfect Publishers, Cambridge 2019, ISBN 978-0-9955093-3-7
(paperback, electronic version and audio-book)
Ueli Oswald, EXIT – The last year with my father, Perfect Publishers, Cambridge 2019, ISBN 978-1-9163544-3-1
(paperback and electronic version)

Small translation projects
In the 1990s, I checked the translations of German children’s stories in the series ‘Schöne Geschichten’, published by Bayard Kinderwelt, for example, Die alte Dame und das Gespenst, by Evelyne Reberg (Paris, 1990)

Marketing and other follow-up actions

After publication, I arranged for websites and Facebook pages to be established and have since then been involved in marketing the books world-wide.

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